History of ACP

As the world is moving toward healthy and organic products, coconut related products have seen a huge surge in usage within recent years. Although the demands keep increasing, the supply of coconut products are very limited. Viet Nam, with the advantages of large copra nut area, is currently one of the tenth most productive countries in term of related products.

Ben Tre, a province of South Vietnam, is the center of alluvial soils gathering from Mekong Delta, thus an ideal place to provide copra nuts in top notch quality and quantity recognized by the world. Despite of such valuable characteristic, the local manufacturers have faced many challenges and hardships due to the insufficient investment in technology and human resources to keep up with the global ever-growing demands.

Realizing the big market opportunity, Viet Nam geographic advantages and the concerns of the local, Asia Ingredients Group (AIG) – a Vietnamese expert in manufacturing food additives – has decided to join this growing market with the establishment of Asia Coconut Processing (ACP) on 19/12/2014, a manufacturer which specialized in providing high quality products, using the latest technology.

Vietnamese Business Name

Công ty Cổ phần Chế biến Dừa Á Châu

English Business Name

Asia Coconut Processing Joint Stock Company

Head quarter

EI-2, EI-3, EI-4, Giao Long Industrial Park, An Phuoc Village, Chau Thanh Town, Ben Tre Province, Viet Nam.

Representative Office

Lot TH-1B, Street No.7, South Commercial Area, Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, Dist. 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Asia Coconut Processing Joint Stock Company

With the concentration on latest technology and equipment, together with experienced human resources in food production, especially Coconut, ACP products are hoped to match the strict requirements and the ever-growing demand of the globe, in both quality and quantity. ACP Products consist of:

Desiccated Coconut

The application of Apron conveyor system, American technology, with appropriate temperature and barometric pressure guarantees the freshness, deliciousness and color of desiccated coconut. With the capacity of 600 tons monthly, the product varies from size to size, such as Fine, Medium, Coarse Medium, Chip, Flake. Such flexible characteristic allows ACP to adapt to various demands and markets. Detail

Coconut Milk Powder

With the application of Denmark production line, together with the latest technology from Europe, ACP Coconut Milk Powder can replace coconut milk, with the advantage of being easy to preserve. The production capacity of Asia Coconut Processing for coconut milk powder can be up to 500 per month. Detail

Frozen / Chilled Coconut Cream

As the demand for Frozen Coconut Cream has been non-stop growing in the globe recently, ACP produces Frozen Coconut Cream to capiltalize on such good opportunity with the factory's capacity of 600 tons/month. This is also the starting point for ACP to complete the set of coconut product line for the market. Detail

UHT Coconut Cream

As people are moving towards healthier food, together with the surge in the consumption of non-dairy products, ACP introduces UHT Coconut Cream, with the hope to satisfy such rising trend and bring the best quality products to our customers. By applying Denmark production line, as well as the European latest technologies and Ultra-Heat systems; ACP reachs the capacity of more than 10 million litres annually for Coconut Cream. Detail

UHT Coconut water

Beginning as a popular natural drink in Asian countries, in recent years, Coconut water has become a new trend in Europe, North America, Australia and other countries. To align with the demands, ACP introduces its UHT Coconut water, with the very natural source and the most modern UHT technology  Detail

Coconut oil

With the fact that using Coconut Oil in industries, especially pharmaceutical, is increasing significantly by years, ACP has strongly invest in the cold-pressed centrifugal production system in order to produce high quality coconut oil, with capacity about 100 tons per month. Detail

ACP motto
“Quality and Intergrity are driving forces to succeed”

With the target of being the best Vietnamese manufacturer domestically and the most reputable exporter in the global market, Asia Coconut Processing is trying our best to provide the proper investment in technology as well as human resources to create top quality products and services. This would drastically increase the value of Vietnamese agriculture product as a whole and create an international image for Vietnamese Coconut Product.