Desiccated Coconut ACP

Desiccated Coconut ACP


ACP Desiccated coconut is produced from 100% coconut meat, which the brown layer is cleanly removed. The white coconut meat is cleaned and cut in different size: fine, medium, flake or chips according to market demand. 
By using the modern drying technology in Desiccated Coconut industry, ACP desiccated coconut has delicious and fatty flavor, and nice odor with typical milky white color, and its quality can meet the very high standard of the markets like: Europe, America, Japan, etc.


1 PE layer inside, plus 2 or 3 Kraft layers in the middle, outer could be PP layer or none. In order to meet customer demands, ACP Company’s packaging is flexible with different size:
  • 10kgs
  • 25kgs
  • 50kgs


Desiccated coconut contains many kinds of mineral and vitamin. It is able to supply beneficial nutrition for body as carbon hydrate, Acid Amin, Protein, fatty acid, Iron, phosphorus…


Confectionery industry.
Food and Beverage Industry…

To make Coconut Milk

Soak Desiccated coconut in warm water from 30oC - 40oC in 3 minutes until it absorb full water and swells up. Thereafter stir them with grate then press and squeeze to take coconut milk out. Depend on the fat content of coconut milk we want, we can increase on decrease water level. Normally we can use 250ml-400ml water for 200 grams desiccated coconut.

Use for caking

Cover outside the ice cream, cake or use directly.