Frozen / Chilled Coconut Cream ACP

Frozen / Chilled Coconut Cream ACP


Frozen coconut cream is extracted from white coconut meat without using additives and preservatives. Coconut Cream is frozen to keep the original nutrition and flavor of the coconut.


Packing in 5-kg PA bag, 4 PA bag per 20-kg carton
Frozen coconut cream is stored at under -18 Celsius degree to keep the original flavors of natural coconut.
  • Fat content from 27%-35%.
  • No impurity, strickly control microorganism, free from Ecoli and Salmonella.

Entirely defrost then simply use it depending on users' demand as: make coconut milk or cooking.

The coconut cream bring the greassy taste and nice coconut oder when it is cooked with meal.